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Keeping the BBC as part of maintaining our social and cultural links with the UK
Liverpool has long trade and cultural links with New York, which was John Lennon's home for nine years.
SoundBound is the first event of its kind in the sub-continent's history, and aims to forge vital cultural links between India, one of the biggest emerging superpowers and other countries.
Historians and social scientists explore ancient north-south trade and cultural links across the desert that persisted into living memory all across Africa.
He also said that the Moroccan-EU cooperation is cemented by solid, longstanding economic, historic and cultural links, adding that the advanced status that the EU granted to Morocco illustrates the strength of their bilateral relations and dialogue.
North Korea's announcement came a day after Lang reportedly told a French parliamentary hearing that Paris has offered to forge permanent cultural links with North Korea but not full diplomatic ties.
Also the mayors of Gadarif City and Mekelle signed a town twining agreement to foster human and cultural links between the two regional capitals.
00) offers discussions on the body, performance, and dance and cultural links around the world.
Discussions over the two-day visit will focus on trade, educational and cultural links, the Middle East peace process and human rights.
David Fionda, operations director, is keen that we continue to build our cultural links with the area and says: "We have been part of the Stockton community for some years now and the opportunity to facilitate and contribute to local culture is very important to us.
The scholarships are open to any person who is: enrolled and attending a university, polytechnic, wananga or college of education; studying a health-related, NZQA-accredited course, of at least 12 weeks; can demonstrate a commitment to and/or competence in Maori health and well-being studies; and has whakapapa and/or cultural links with te ao Maori or Maori communities.
A trade mission to India scheduled for November already contains the names of more than 30 businesses in the West Midlands keen to tap into this rapidly expanding market where there is an opportunity to take advantage of cultural links.

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