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The cultural myth of judicial activism has story lines other than that of abuse of power.
Cultural myth is of crucial importance to our lives because it is part of the process by which we establish our identities as human beings and derive meaning from our lives.
In the spirit of demonstrating cultural myth making, and in order to demonstrate the dangers of beginning with pre-conceived ideas and examining all evidence in light of these ideas, we have presented below a fictional account of archaeologists 10,000 years in the future unearthing relics of late 19th century France and construing them from Eisler's perspective.
The story of Judith, however, as Stocker's book demonstrates, is an important cultural myth worthy of greater attention.
No, but something special is going on: We've witnessed the birth of a new cultural myth.
Our common belief that what parents say and do to children will have a crucial effect on their lives is simply a mass delusion, nothing more than "a cherished cultural myth.
The Road to Wellville, then, offers an ample menu of human folly and cultural myth that is thoroughly and appropriately baked, fricasseed, stewed, and Boyled.
Lassie, long hair still wet from a heroic plunge into the lake, has earned an undisputed place in cultural myth.
In this magic Caribbean exposition, BolivareIUs counterfeit is surrounded by endless repetitions of the Spanish word for eIuFreedom,eIN underlining how BolivareIUs frequent invocations have today turned him into part of a cultural myth.
In this context, reading the film as cultural myth, manifesting the contemporary collective psyche and socio-political reality of its time, proves a more productive enterprise.
She didn't fit into our kind of cultural myth the way Robert Johnson does.
As his title implies, Voinovich deconstructs the cultural myth of Solzhenitsyn and provides a portrait of his own.
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