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Unlike cultural shock, sojourners usually did not expect reverse cultural shock upon arriving home.
Dominique, according to the show's creators, is a model of either racial integration or cultural shock.
The expectations of the individual should be managed before, during and after assignments--this helps them adjust at the start of the assignment and can reduce reverse cultural shock and frustration on repatriation.
People ask me whether moving to France was a cultural shock and the answer is yes, it was and it still is.
It's different - it's like a cultural shock because it's like a whole different country," the Roosevelt Middle School seventh-grader said.
Q: Was it a big cultural shock for a top Samsung executive to come into government?
More than one Arab critic has linked this development to the deep cultural shock of Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser's catastrophic defeat in the Arab-Israeli war of 1967.
Many of these persons will experience assimilation stress, cultural shock, and confusion about work norms and behavioral expectations that will ultimately be reflected in the need for career counseling.
Suddenly to come and live in America,in California is a kind of cultural shock, this clash has very negative results on her own family and she has to manage all these things and adapt herself daily.
A kind of cultural schizophrenia can be observed in the highjackers, probably caused by an overdose of cultural shock.
It sought to mirror the rich variety of Argentine culture, the contrasts between the urban tango and the older dance traditions of a people conquered centuries earlier, the cultural shock of a rural immigrant upon arriving in the big city.
It will require the utmost skills of our leaders to prepare the personnel involved for the cultural shock.

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