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Reverse cultural shock was later defined by Uehara (1986) as "temporal psychological difficulties returnees experience in the initial stage of the adjustment process at home after having lived abroad for some time" (p.
Pompez was sensitive to the cultural shock many Latino athletes experienced in the United States.
Others in the sharing circle wept as Wuttunee talked about being taken away from her "womb mate" and thrown into a school that, although it had a high number of Aboriginal children, still presented a "huge cultural shock.
Travelling to another place is a cultural shock of some magnitude, and in order to prepare yourself mentally, and of course financially, you can log onto sites like http://www.
The New Jew is the story of one such convert, a lapsed Catholic from the Midwest, whose cultural shock of marrying into an upscale Jewish family from Manhattan raised anew questions of life's meaning and purpose.
An American computer supply company moves its operations to the Philippines in an effort to be more cost competitive but experiences cultural shock as it attempts to institute greater efficiency.
Many don't have a clue what it's like to live and work in a foreign environment and suffer severe cultural shock if they do go overseas.
I BELIEVE that it is always a cultural shock to go down a level.
Students who apply for courses at UAE universities are expected to extensively research about the culture and norms of the country to avoid any cultural shock.
At first, it was cultural shock," he said, standing on a stage constructed in front of the front doors, his name spelled out in 6-inch-tall brushed metal letters above the door frame.
Walsh's comments bring home the deep cultural shock that Gates caused by asking the services to treat the wars as a routine expense.

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