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Ranging from elaborate sculptures, animal figures, culturally significant monuments and quirky shapes, they have brightened up an otherwise monotonous journey or a dull commute to work.
Even though my focus is on Plains Indian art, I appreciated the many fine pieces from other areas that were on display making it obvious the curator has an exceptional eye for both fine art and culturally significant items.
THIS week's state visit of Queen Elizabeth to Ireland is politically and culturally significant on many levels.
If the building is sold to a private concern and not restored, the fundraising proceeds will be donated to the county to promote the preservation and restoration of culturally significant buildings of national and provincial significance.
That our EU membership of almost four decades has so far failed to define for us something as mundane but as culturally significant to us as our cup of tea, so we may now and forever continue to look as suspiciously and askance at our rule-makers as we do our very own Jaffa Cake.
A selection of multiuse spaces--designated terreiros (places for ritual, dance, and play)--focus attention on culturally significant Brazilian sites in order to host an expanded program of lectures and performances.
The Ambassador's Fund demonstrates the United States' respect for other cultures' rich traditions by assisting in the preservation of culturally significant landmarks, historical artifacts and oral traditions.
It will also aim to improve visitors' experience of the ancient city, and aims to ultimately encourage a more anti-litter mindset among all who visit the culturally significant site.
The concert shows how culturally significant video games are.
Counting as two courses, one in English and another in sociology, the journey included visits to historically and culturally significant sites.
Quadrophenia documents a culturally significant moment in Britain, the influences of which are still seen today in music and fashion.
Gareth Higgins, a writer and broadcaster from Belfast, Northern Ireland, is the author of How Movies Helped Save My Soul: Finding Spiritual Fingerprints in Culturally Significant Films.

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