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CURATE, eccl. law. One who represents the incumbent of a church, person, or20 vicar, and takes care of the church, and performs divine service in his stead.

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CTD's exposure curation details the effects of chemical stressors on human receptors in vivo.
The suite also includes Clarion, a unique new tool that expedites the M&A due diligence process and works to uncover hidden relationships and risks, as well as M&A Clause Analytics, a solution powered both by artificial intelligence and expert attorney curation, allowing for the seamless and detailed comparison of a wide variety of clauses found in mergers & acquisition related agreements.
So far, the voices favoring data curation have held the upper hand and they can point to growing services to bolster their case.
com the destination online retail site for the ethical consumer looking for an incredible curation of lifestyle and design items," says Myers.
Fitzgerald previously served for more than five years at Twitter, most recently as the company's director of curation.
This second installment takes a deeper look at the relationship between cognitive computing and knowledge management, focusing on the six use cases where cognitive systems show the most promise: content curation, search and discovery, expertise location, lessons learned analytics, data visualization and intelligent personal assistants.
Artists can apply to have their work displayed at the Gallery or respond to the occasional open-calls that the curation team puts out for art submissions.
This extensive revision of Oliver and Harvey's Digital Curation presents comprehensive background information and expert guidance for managing and preserving digital material over the long term.
Keeeb's B2B SaaS engine unifies the search, collection, curation, and sharing of corporate intelligence.
But lately, I've seen some plagiaristic antics that make my head spin--all in the name of content curation.
Additionally, on June 30, the banner cut the ribbon on its newest (as of this writing) and largest (90,000-plus square feet) location in Northbrook, which includes Mariano's Signature Curation Center, designed to showcase artisanal products from around the world.