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CURATE, eccl. law. One who represents the incumbent of a church, person, or20 vicar, and takes care of the church, and performs divine service in his stead.

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Organizations have the opportunity to provide curation as well--to tackle a certain realm of the information world and become wise advisers to their audience.
Suki Dardarian, who was managing editor for print, is the curation leader of both print and digital--a flip similar to the one on the creation team with Kathy Best.
It is appropriate, therefore, to consider the extent to which knowledge curation is an IP law problem.
The second section is mainly concerned with the discussion of the available forms of quantification, such as the ERP (estimated reduction percentage), Kuhn's geometric index, and the EKCI (el-Khiam points curation index), which are used in the following sections to interpret prehistoric cases.
But there is little doubt that in terms of curation, storage and conservation, the need for real improvement remains, '' she said.
Curation of data submitted to public data repositories will assist authors, reviewers, and publishers in ensuring that the data comply with the MIAME requirements, further enhancing its utility.
When it comes to adaptability, native plants haw a history undeniably predictable for each region our cultivation or curation.
NEW YORK -- ArchetypeMe, the innovative website that redefines 'personal' search, curation, and recommendations through the lens of archetypes, will launch its Holiday Gift Guide series on Black Friday, November 23.
Services will be required on a daily and monthly basis and will include: *Community management of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest *2 original Visual Status Updates per day on Facebook *Daily content curation based on news/current events updated 4x daily for all platforms *Twitter content curation of 60 updates per month based on Twitter strategy *Monthly metric reporting *Newsletter management
The new interface connects and streamlines the tasks of content discovery, curation, and publishing.
Social Media Content Curation Company Opens Office in Boston and Hires COO
The final chapter, taking up one-third of the book, addresses practical implementation, including instrumental calibration, spectral post-processing, interpretation, quantitative and qualitative use, and several "intermezzo" text-boxes describing the analytical use of Raman spectroscopy in biology, pharmacy, and curation.