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colleagues describe her as having a passion that is contagious, a strategic mind, a natural sense of curiousity and creative problem- solving skills.
Open to experience factor refers to the nature of appreciation for art, emotions, usual ideas, curiousity and variety of experiences.
Neither the workmen had the curiousity, or perhaps the courage to explore it, and the opening which led to the discovery was closed up again as soon as possible.
Growing vegetables with a twist such as purple cauliflower, yellow carrots, mottled beans and tropical fruit will generate curiousity among even the most oppositional worker.
For teachers, there are presentations on how to get students of all ages engaged in reading and on how to feed the flames of curiousity in new readers who may otherwise be distracted in the age of technology.
She has a curiousity for other languages and for the four dominant cultures that visit the outlet; she has learned the basics of those languages and is thus able to break the ice with those customers.
Proud of Thomas's penmanship - and curiousity - his dad Olivier said: "I thought the letter was quite positive and to get a reply was nice - and Thomas was delighted
It is in fact nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of instruction have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiousity of inquiry: for this delicate little plant aside from stimulation stands mainly in need of freedom; without this, it goes to wrack and ruin, without fail.
Frustration and curiousity characterize the final days of camp, as the girls work to ready their robots for their floor trials, and prepare presentations about the cars they have built and researched.
This study suggests that finding ways to increase your curiousity about information that you are trying to learn, or associating that information with something that excites your curiosity, might be a good way to help solidify it in your memory," says Lauren Poliak, PhD, a clinical neuropsychologist at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) who specializes in age-related memory issues.
Having grown up on business nuggets of Richard Branson and Jack Welch, my curiousity was aroused just by the catch-line - How Baniyas Do Business.
The assessment of employees should be based on motivation, intellectual curiousity and determination.