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A curiousity was the sub station in Stockwell Hill, Berry Brow, says David - built in 1936 in anticipation of the Honley trolleybuses which never materialised.
For cooks with a curiousity about history and for student historians with an interest in cooking, this volume offers a broad sampling of authentic recipes that were used in Europe during the period 1250-1650.
And a film could be suspenseful, and generate curiousity and surprise all at the same time.
Accounts of mamlambo sightings have drawn crowds of people, some motivated by curiousity, others believing that they might be able to gain in some way.
It was not something every expedition could set out with--though the first to Indo-China under Francis Garnier did, albeit not on the same generous scale--but the men whose exploits are recorded here were inspired by intellectual curiousity as well as other reasons.
Their curiousity and learning knows no bounds, so we need to give preschoolers lots of opportunity to learn.
I was presented with this opportunity of jumping into politics, and as I've always had a great curiousity, I asked myself `why not?
Regardless of venue, the "best director" awards usually go to those who display curiousity and integrity.
An intense atmosphere is created through the re-enactments which are staged in the surviving streets and houses of Pompeii itself; thus curiousity about the private individuals elegantly leads us at the same time to the structure of Pompeian society and to many of the town's most important buildings.
lacked any intellectual curiousity simply because they disposed no intellect, either singly or as a group.
Neither did she court that intimacy with television which was to arouse the insatiable public curiousity about her children and grandchildren.
Debriefed offerors often display inordinate curiousity about the content of their competitors' proposals.