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Following research on the influence of curve radius and the superelevation of the track on the stability of the vehicle system (Zeng, Wu 2004), it has been estimated that curve radius and outer rail superelevation have tremendous effects on the stability of vehicle systems.
1:p of new wheels equals to 1:20, and 1:p reaches 1:100, 1:200 and even more as wheels wear; [rho] is the radius of the wheel rolling circle, R--the curve radius, c--distance between side edge of rail head to axis, a--the distance between internal wheel pair flanges at altitude of where gauge width is measured and b--the flange thickness at altitude in the place where gauge width is measured.
VS]--the aggregate value of financial costs for increasing the curve radius on the route for transporting OHC by inland waterway transport; [x.
A consistent finding in studies of speed choice in curves is that speed has a curvilinear relation to curve radius (see Kanellaidis, Golias, & Efstathiadis, 1990) and an inverse relation to lateral acceleration.
5 m Minimum curve radius 25 m Total machine length 20 m Width with catwalks extended 3.
Improvements will include widened travel lanes and shoulders at both curve locations, relocated ditches and adequate roadway curve radius.
increasing the curve radius decreases the centrifugal force but cannot avoid the sudden occurrence of this force;
The new line would be ideal for speeds of between 80 and 100 km/h with a minimum curve radius from 300 to 400 m.