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Among our allies, government commissions in the United Kingdom and Canada have made similar recommendations, including such measures as electronic recording of custodial interrogation and eyewitness identification.
The court held that the city was not liable under [section] 1983 for an allegedly improper custodial interrogation.
1) In England, the methods by which the police acquire, develop, and use evidence at custodial interrogation raise very serious issues of procedural fairness and human rights.
The premise of the Court's opinion was that, while custodial interrogation was not per se unconstitutional,(13) it posed a serious threat to Fifth Amendment rights and values.
The criticisms leveled at it were much like those that have been leveled at Shaw: that these new limits on custodial interrogation had no foundation in the Fifth Amendment and that the Court was improperly invoking the Constitution to justify imposing its own policy preferences upon the nation.
Arizona(1) the Supreme Court held that custodial interrogation amounts to unconstitutional compulsion to be a witness against oneself, unless the interrogation is preceded by the famous warnings or "equally effective" measures to reduce the pressure to confess.
Grano, a professor of law, explains, "The professional interrogator, with his anxiety-inducing tactics, is employed precisely because the inherent pressures of custodial interrogation usually are insufficient by themselves to produce the desired confession.
These accused persons are required for custodial interrogation in the case to unearth the larger conspiracy to effect the recoveries and getting leads for (the) arrest of other absconding co-accused persons," the NIA said in its application to the court for remand.
72) The overwhelmingly common approach is to evaluate the due process of a custodial interrogation only in terms of whether proper Miranda warnings were provided, understood, and intelligently waived, and not to evaluate the coercive effect of the psychological techniques.
174) To undermine the Miranda warning, the initial interaction between a suspect and the police must constitute a custodial interrogation, (175) which typically requires Miranda warnings to be administered before the interrogation may begin.
365) At the same time, if one accepts that the justification for Miranda is to inform and protect suspects from the pressures of custodial interrogation, such a result is merely a necessary cost of constitutional rights.
Dr Pradnya Bhattacharya, who was arrested on Sunday, confessed to during the custodial interrogation that she had strangled her 46-year-old husband, Tushar, to death, after the latter tried to force himself on her for the second time the same night.