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Deputy head Maria Lee said: "The cut-outs were donated by EMI Studios London.
Tony and his cut-outs met members of the cast of the Harry Potter film and the C4 hospital drama ER, three Dr Whos - Tom Baker, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy - and a lookalike of Star Trek star Patrick Stewart.
If any of the three presenters had failed to brake in time, their cars would have ploughed into the cut-outs.
The only exhibition devoted solely to the cut-outs during Matisse's lifetime was held at Heinz Berggruen's gallery in Paris in 1953, and so it is appropriate that fifty years on the exhibition 'Henri Matisse: Drawing with Scissors' should have been held at the Sammlung Berggruen, the public gallery in Berlin devoted to the great dealer's collection.
We've put posters in shops but to make more impact we thought we'd use the cut-outs.
Sometimes he mixed the cut-outs with gouache and crayons.
A spokesman for the Lincolnshire hospital confirmed the cut-outs were introduced at entrances to wards last week and were programmed to tell visitors: "Please clean your hands before entering the wards.
When the cut-outs were pulled back the first of 60 brown wrapped packages could be seen.
The 36 images in the exhibition are lithographic reproductions of cut-outs which were produced for the French art review Verve, published in 1958, four years after Matisse died.
A classic silhouette that suits most figures, you'll see it in solid colors with photo-print designs, evening gown fabrics like silver lame or crushed velvet and futuristic designs with cut-outs at the shoulder or waist.
Having your picture taken with a Ray Charles cut-out means more than just an instant photo.
Pamela So's pretty cut-out flowers reflect the way her family's Chinese culture has become more Scottish, and some seem to echo thistles.