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The cut-outs are to be used in shops in major railway stations to deter thieves.
Aime encouraged Matisse's cut-outs and commissioned Les miroirs profonds (1947; Fig.
Last week, Sawy Culture Wheel's Word Hall was host to art of a different dimension: dE[umlaut]coupage, a technique where layer upon layer of cut-outs are glued together.
4) Cut-Outs were traced onto the object to be decorated as opposed to the Dakota who sew the Cut-Out directly on to the object and bead on top of the paper pattern.
The cut-outs can then be exchanged for prizes from the restaurant including luxury French food hampers, hampers containing bottles of French wine, beer and Champagne, and Caf Rouge dining vouchers.
The three cars,driven by presenters Jeremy Clarkson,James May and Richard Hammond,braked short of the cut-outs.
Matisse, however, was fully aware that the paper cut-out technique possessed its own expressive qualities, with the result that even the grain of the paper and the direction of the gouache brushstrokes play their structural and expressive parts.
A CARDBOARD cut-out is the latest weapon to be deployed by Cleveland Police after a spate of pickpocket thefts around Redcar.
If I were a shop owner and wanted cardboard protection, I would fork out 100 quid for a cut-out of a bouncer or someone who would really deter criminals.
Whenever an incision is made in the ceiling plane, the resultant cut-out folds down or across and becomes a functioning devise.
At first he used cut-out coloured papers to develop ideas for his paintings.