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TO CUT, crim. law. To wound with an instrument having a sharp edge. 1 Russ. on Cr. 577. Vide To Stab; Wound.

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It also depicted Mr Adelson as engaging in cut-throat, ruthless and despicable business practices, including that they were inordinately and unreasonably litigious, that they routinely attacked in the press any politician who sided with their enemies, and suggested that they habitually and corruptly bought political favour.
COMMENTARY: ADSL is getting even cheaper due to this cut-throat price war.
THE SOUTH FORK LODGE, under construction on the banks of the South Fork of the Snake River in Swan Valley, Idaho, this summer will offer some of the West's best wild cut-throat, brown, and rainbow trout fishing.
It was implicit in the nation's social contract that corporations would contribute heavily into a generous welfare system, pay the world's highest salaries, and refrain from laying off workers or engaging in the sort of cut-throat behavior that might put other companies out of business.
CUT-THROAT competition and plunging prices have landed Asda with their worst quarterly sales ever.
HUDDERSFIELD Town chairman Dean Hoyle is used to the cut-throat world of business.
A BARBER has avoided jail after he slashed a man's neck with a cut-throat razor as they fought outside his shop in Newcastle.
Did I Mention The Free Wine: The Cut-Throat Tour 2013 has filled theatres across the country and beyond, and follows the poet's battle with lifethreatening throat cancer.
If you haven't got that sort of cut-throat attitude, you're never going to get anywhere.
A NEW tenant at a shopping centre is preparing to enter a cut-throat market -literally.
A MAN who took a cut-throat razor into a pub has been jailed for four months.
Victim Zoe Durie, aged 24, awoke terrified in bed to find Peter Hewitt on top of her with a cut-throat razor at her home in Wem, north Shropshire, after he let himself in with a key in the early hours of June 29 last year.