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TO CUT, crim. law. To wound with an instrument having a sharp edge. 1 Russ. on Cr. 577. Vide To Stab; Wound.

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Another man, caught with a cut-throat razor, said he took the blade everywhere.
A THUG who made a cut-throat sign to jurors who convicted him of raping a showbiz star's daughter has had 18 months added to his 14-and-a-half year sentence.
Goater is seen as the most likely victim of the cut-throat competition for places at City since manager Kevin Keegan signed Nicolas Anelka and Mattias Vuoso to take to six his number of first-team strikers.
We expect to see fierce, cut-throat competition among the brand-driven and content-based ISPs in the coming years," says Lakelin.
and FORK AND STRIFE: This patient had piece of cutlery stuck in foot HAMMER HORROR: We've all got fingernails, but not quite like this UNSAFETY PIN: Swallowing sharp objects is not recommended by doctors JAMMED IN: Jar in OAP's back passage was supposed to be a cure for constipation FIGHTS AND It's WRONGS: easier to see how a soldier gets a bullet in the foot, above, than how someone ends up swallowing a spoon and a craft knife blade, left BARBER SHOCK: Horrified docs found a cut-throat razor in this patient's intestine
Books now account for 30% of Smith's sales after boss Kate Swann cut back on CDs and DVDs because of cut-throat competition.
The firm, which runs 435 stores in and around Liverpool, Manchester and Sunderland, has been struggling with increasingly cut-throat competition.
Premium levels, hit by cut-throat competition in world reinsurance markets, declined in 1998, and the volatile nature of the company's business demands a strong capital base, which it has.
Cut-throat competition from supermarkets and acquisition debts had all added to the firm's woes.
While BellSouth has been exposed to light competition, AT&T has been shaped by the heavy, cut-throat version.
A cut-throat league will make teams scared to develop youngsters and our game won't progress.
His last work has it all - sea monsters, pirates, barbarians, a horde of gold and of course, a ton of cut-throat action.