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Two 16-year-old boys and a 20-year-old man have also been arrested since the cyber attack last month.
Police confirmed a house in Liverpool had also been searched in connection with the cyber attack.
Cyber attacks against financial institutions to extort payment in return for the release of sensitive information are increasing, the FFIEC said.
It said, 'If we were to believe that a bank is ill-prepared to withstand a cyber attack, we could downgrade the bank before an actual attack.
That was the second cyber attack waged by enemies of Iran to undermine the country's nuclear as well as economic and industrial activities.
In this way, the Company will contribute to more sophisticated society-wide cyber security capabilities by enhancing methods to detect and prevent cyber attacks while minimizing its impacts on organizational activities.
The FBI says it now has proof that North Korea was behind the cyber attack on Sony Pictures.
announces the North American launch of FireDragon, the best answer to the growing cyber attack invasion on U.
50% of respondents say their organization a potential target for state-sponsored cyber attacks
The committee heard evidence that entire combat units, such as aircraft and warships, could be rendered completely dysfunctional by a cyber attack.
Abu Dhabi: The UAE should stand sentinel to bolster its defences against cyber attacks, a researcher said citing unofficial estimates of billions of dirhams of losses caused by these attacks last year.
Another important issue on which there is no international consensus is whether a cyber attack should be recognized as a use of force against another nation and what the appropriate response to such intrusions should be.