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A cytological diagnosis of spindle cell lesion of neural origin with the closest resemblance of ectopic meningioma was rendered.
The accuracy of cytological diagnosis depends on several factors including the experience of aspirator, sampling method, the adequacy of sample the target organ and the expertise of examiner (Cytotechnologist and cytopathologist).
The participants were included following a consecutive order by using the selection criteria previously established such as a previous cytological diagnosis realized by the specialized physician and without histerectomy.
Two cases diagnosed cytologicaly as benign follicular cells while histopathological diagnosis revealed Follicular carcinoma as a result cytological diagnosis of follicular adenoma vs.
When the enriched method was used, detection of K-ras gene mutations would have contributed to cytological diagnosis in 14 cases (Table 2): 6 of 9 with insufficient material, 5 of 5 containing suspicious cells, and 3 of 4 reported to contain healthy-appearing duct cells.
In all these cases, the cytological diagnosis were confirmed by histological examination.
The value of multiple fluid specimens in the cytological diagnosis of malignancy.
This technique was first used for cytological diagnosis of thyroid tumor in America in 1926.
DEGLI SPEDALI CIVILI DI BRESCIA,Italy for Contract notice: Restricted procedure, in the aggregate, for the supply of reagents and analytical systems for examining biological fluids (urine and urinary sediment); reagents and complete system for cytological diagnosis in a thin layer for a seventy-two-month period.
Considering traditional bronchoscopy with TBNA as the least invasive procedure to obtain a cytological diagnosis, the proximity of the aorta and pulmonary arteries and the mass being 14 mm from the bronchus would have made sampling by means of this procedure near impossible.
7] They describe several cellular characteristics that may be useful for cytological diagnosis, and this may be an interesting approach to making a precocious diagnosis and eventually to start systemic therapy early in case of metastatic disease.
Table 2 presents the percentage contribution of the histological results of the specimens collected from patients with cytological diagnosis of ASCUS.