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CZAR. A title of honor which is assumed by the emperor of all the Russias. See Autocracy.

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It becomes so easy to manage client requests on your website and offer support to your customers with Czar as it offers a ready-to-use in-built customer support desk.
Bush deputy press secretary Alixe Glen notes a czar is "someone who can run it all.
Porthman reveals that the czars spoke of society as a web of personal relationships and emphasised values related to the in-group and its wellbeing.
Petersburg but in many cases using photography to record the magnificence of Mother Russia herself in all her seasonal moods and transformations, from her huge pine forests to her frozen winter lakes Certainly Czar Nicholas II, who would be murdered, within the decade in a cellar at Ekaterinburg along with his family, believed wholeheartedly in the new medium, and chose Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii as his representative photographer with a brief to create a remembrance of space and a time that would eventually vanish forever in the bloody period of the Russian Revolution.
In other words, they are primarily interested in the extent to which czars are compatible with the traditional notions of republicanism, or rule by the people, as well as the system of checks and balances that give Congress oversight of many executive activities.
After the Czar died in 1894, his son Nicholas continued the tradition until the Russian Revolution in 1917.
Your former employer was the grandson of Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia and therefore was a grandnephew of Russia's last reigning czar, Nicholas II.
Others are luminaries who can't be troubled with running a large bureaucratic apparatus while whispering in the president's ear: Czar of the Economy Paul Volcker, Czar of Regulation Cass Sunstein, and Czar of Executive Pay Kenneth Feinberg, the former Special Master of 9/11 compensation.
Matters have not reached that point with the current administration, but there is a danger that the additional bureaucracy of government by czar will mean less efficiency, leading to overlapping jurisdictions and turf battles that will only dim the nation's prospects for economic recovery.
When the government started an online contest in June to name "The Greatest Russian," officials were shocked when Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin and Czar Nicholas II surged to the top of the list.
Russia's supreme court yesterday recognized that the czar was the victim of political repression and was unlawfully killed.