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Outside the United States, the Integrity(TM) AFx AutoCapture Pacing System family consists of a top-of-the-line, dual-chamber, rate-responsive system (Model 5346) that also incorporates the DAO algorithm, and a single-chamber, rate-responsive device (Model 5142).
Jude Medical's DAO technology is currently being launched in Europe with limited availability in its Trilogy(R) line of pacemakers.
Slated for a phased European release, the DAO technology in Trilogy(R) DR+ has been under clinical investigation in the United States and Canada since fall 1998.
The legal requirement to actively involve family members/significant others in the process can be challenging and sometimes at odds with the realities a DAO faces.
People with low DAO activity may benefit from vitamin B6 and C supplementation.
In this context, Maipu DAO Plant exceeded the 1,700 days without Lost Time Accident.
An item found in DDM-O, and not in DAO, may be abstracted in ADAM.
Using student feedback as a guide for improving the course, DAO expanded the Ammo Academy from 1 day to 2 days, mainly because so much information had to be covered.
The establishment of the DAO not only marks a fundamental change in the delivery of government programs, but it changes the traditional accountability model that has existed between government and the people in our province.
Arcadia Machine and Tool offers the On Duty pistol in both traditional DA/SA with decocker lever and a new DAO version.
DAO is especially active towards diaminopentane and diaminohexane.
But the DAO objected that invalidation certificate was not countersigned by DG Health Services Punjab.