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DAR-7 regional director Alejandro Otacan reminded the ARBs that aside from CLOA distribution, DAR is also mandated to provide the beneficiaries with support programs and services to help them develop their farms and improve their lives.
Michael Hillegas DAR Chapter also participated in the Veterans Day ceremony at Southeastern Illinois College.
On Tuesday during the dialogue, Mariano had asked the farmer-beneficiaries, in Filipino: 'Now, if DAR would decide to install these CLOA holders in those cultivation ['bungkalan'] areas, would that be acceptable to Ambala, those in Mapalacsiao?
DAR cited numerous facts about its relationship with Paynter that it said demonstrated a lack of control.
Special thanks to Helen Hatton DAR for letting us know about this service.
Castriciones directed the field operations and legal services units of DAR to fast-track the resolutions of the farmers' appeal for the issuance of an installation order.
There is a need for close coordination between the DAR and the Register of Deeds to prevent the issuance of 'chop-chop' titles on land already covered by agrarian reform,' he said.
He also ordered the DAR regional office to do everything necessary, 'including securing assistance from law enforcement officials,' to make sure Tadeco and its representatives complied with the order.
The screening of recipients occurred a week after DAR received a copy of the final decision of the Supreme Court ruling which ordered the distribution of land at the Hacienda Luisita.