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As one example, three survey items explored the DAT community members' perceptions of the decisionmaking process by focusing on influence over the DAT process; accessibility of meetings; and comfort level in expressing opinions, sharing information, and asking questions.
HP and Sony will offer the same base hardware for the DAT 320, but will develop unique features within the firmware configuration to sell the DAT 320 tape drives and media through their own branded and OEM business channels.
Paltiel said that DAT-positive patients tended to be diagnosed with cancer earlier than those who were DAT negative, perhaps because they had a physical exam after receiving letters notifying them of the DAT results.
The study subjects were also given memory and motor skill tests, because the researchers wanted to see if there was a relationship between DAT levels and performance on these tests.
We have explored the potential interaction between syntaxin 1A and DAT in rat striatal neurons by examining the ability of botulinum toxin C (BoNT/C), which cleaves syntaxin 1A, to affect DAT phosphorylation and transport activity.
DAT matches content (video, audio, photo, RSS and blog), user comments and ads from the web, social media and personal catalogs according to the interest and context of the individual mobile phone user.
The new truckload rate benchmarking tools from TransCore DAT enable freight brokers and for-hire carriers to craft more timely and historically accurate bids on shippers' requests for pricing (RFP) as well as measuring their relative competitiveness to the overall market.
6 percent month over month, as modest increases in freight for van and refrigerated ("reefer") trailers were offset by a decline in flatbed demand, according to the DAT North American Freight Index.
DATs undergo several types of post-translation modifications including glycosylation, ubiquitylation, and phosphorylation and it is hypothesized that these modifications play a role in DAT function, trafficking and regulation.
For my spoken-work material, they recorded directly onto DAT media, but then, the studio engineers transferred my audio files to a hard disk drive in a desktop computer for editing, so they could have random access to every discrete sound.
Keypoint Software has integrated DAT CarrierWatch into its popular transportation management software to expedite the onboarding process freight brokers and 3PLs use.
8 percent month over month in August, according to the DAT North American Freight Index.