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Although DAVA Construction has not done much advertising, Beto Bedolla said he has been able to keep his four crews busy so far this year, something he is proud of.
Tell others you belong to the DAVA and why you belong.
DAVA Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceuticals company, is focused on developing and marketing a broad portfolio of pharmaceutical products.
CONTACT: Lewis Tepper of DAVA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
IMPAX had been marketing the 80mg dosage strength through its Global Pharmaceutical Division; and will be transitioning sales and marketing responsibilities to DAVA.
DAVA Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceutical company, is focused on product development and marketing a broad portfolio of pharmaceutical products.
She was hired by the DAVA as a clerk typist in 1965 and worked her way up to Assistant National Adjtant in 1986.
Forbes was accompanied at the appointment ceremony by his wife, Barbara, a DAV Auxiliary life member, currently serving as DAVA 6th District NEC.
These young men are excellent examples to note when you are encouraging other male family members to join our DAVA family and become active members.
Members of Virginia DAV Chapter 20 and the DAVA meet at Virginia Beach's Veterans Memorial Park as part of their community's "Adopt-a-Spot" program.
The following donated $100 or more to the DAV Auxiliary Service Fund: National Order of Alley Cats; DAVA State Departments of Arizona.