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The DAVA team's extensive experience in all key areas of the pharmaceutical arena allows the company to focus on and meet customers' needs for reliable, cost-effective pharmaceuticals.
If DAVA Construction got any bigger, he said, he would worry that he would be in danger of becoming the contractor that never showed up or does poor work, like the contractor he hired so many years ago after the fire.
The settlement removes patent litigation risks to IMPAX and DAVA and the amendment with DAVA better reflects the changes in the marketplace," said Larry Hsu, President & CEO of IMPAX.
Commenting on the transaction, Endo's president and CEO Rajiv De Silva said DAVA, with its good position for strong financial performance, commercial portfolio and attractive near-term pipeline makes a "natural fit" for Endo's generics operations.
DAVA Oncology targets those individuals most influential in the enrollment decision making process--the investigators and research staff responsible for the clinical trial.
As an event highlight, Commander Rapisand announced the launch of a new program entitled DAVA 4 Kids.
TO) reported on Tuesday the execution of a definitive agreement to acquire DAVA Pharmaceuticals for USD575m in cash plus up to another USD25m contingent on the achievement of certain sales milestones.
Recruitment and retention are constant challenges facing the DAVA today.
IMPAX intends to begin marketing this product immediately through its previously announced exclusive supply and distribution agreement with DAVA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
For as long as I have been an Auxiliary member, the people in the DAVA have been a constant source of inspiration to me.
OTC:IPXL) announced today it has entered into a ten year Exclusive Supply and Distribution agreement with DAVA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Make your check payable to DAVA Department of Tennessee Testimonial Dinner and mail to Ruth Henry, 4465 Tracy Lynn Dr.