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prep. short for "doing business as," when a person or entity uses a business name instead of his/her/its own. All states have requirements for filing a certificate of "doing business under a fictitious name" either with the county clerk, the state Secretary of State or some other official to inform the public as to the real person or entity behind a business name. It is not necessary if the business includes the name of the true owner and is not to be confused with the use of a corporation name, since that is registered with the state.

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For this and more complete information about DBC call 877-369-4617 or visit the website www.
DBC had previously announced that it was working with Iceland Foods to improve its frozen range.
Brakes has since agreed to buy Woodward but will not be acquiring DBC.
Legal Notice: Investors should consult the DBC prospectus for more complete information concerning risks, charges and expenses associated with investing in DBC.
Brian Metcalfe, purchasing director of DBC, added: "We are sorry to be leaving Today's, as we have had a good working relationship.
Tican is supplying bacon cuts to wholesalers and manufacturers, in the same way as ESS-Food used to and DBC still does.
This Christmas, for example, DBC is producing vacuum-packed gammon joints for the national multiple trade.
The AXIOM Artis dBC Magnetic Navigation System integrates Siemens' most advanced digital fluoroscopic imaging system, the AXIOM Artis flat panel detector system, with Stereotaxis, Inc.
And while the DBC chairman declined to identify likely areas of change in company strategy, he added: "One fact6r in the company's performance has been the competition problems encountered by independent grocers and butchers, who, after all, account for a large percentage of DBC's customers.
For a modulator, sideband rejection can be improved up to -45 dBc for the MIQY-70M and -38 dBc for the MIQY-140M.
Siemens Medical Solutions has sold more than 100 of its AXIOM Artis dBC systems since its introduction in 2003.