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Inclusion criteria were those above age 18 years, and stable patients having chronic hemodialysis for more than three months and eligible to have DEXA scan as part of their regular review.
Out of the 40 subjects who completed a DEXA scan, 17 (42.
The different segmental vertebrae studies have been done by different methods other than DEXA scan, showing significant correlations in different parts of spine.
TABLE Suggested rescreening intervals based on DEXA scan results (1) DEXA result (T-score) Rescreening interval * Normal/mild osteopenia (> -1.
Monitoring bone mineral density (DEXA scan) among MSM using PrEP HIV acquisition risk Osteopaenia risk Resources Intervention High High High PrEP + DEXA scan (baseline and 12- monthly) Moderate High High PrEP + DEXA scan (baseline and 12- monthly) High High Low PrEP + advise and observe Moderate Low Low PrEP + advise and observe High Low High PrEP + DEXA scan (baseline, repeat if indicated) High Low Low PrEP + observe
While 53% of study participants were taking a PI at the time of their DEXA scan, 53% were taking Viread.
5-13) Most studies have emphasised the importance of performing DEXA scan at diagnosis, irrespective of the patient's age, sex, and race.
Since there have been more studies on how to interpret the results of the DEXA scan for women than men, research is currently under way in "Os," a study on 6,000 men older than 65, says Joan McGowan, director of Musculoskeletal Diseases at the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases in Bethesda, Maryland.
Dr Nick Summerton, head of the Department of Public Health and Primary Care at the University of Hull, who led the research, said: 'It is sensible to confirm diagnosis with a Dexa scan before prescribing treatment, but the issue as identified by the research is that often patients can wait up to 12 months before receiving a Dexa scan.
He recommended that all patients with a history of osteoporosis or in whom there is a suspicion of the disease should be given a bone DEXA scan as part of the preoperative evaluation.
On the other hand, confirming low bone density in a child via DEXA scan "is always a call to action to address all the risk factors in that child's life, such as nutrition, immobility, medications, and so forth," Dr.
A DEXA scan uses imaging technology to measure whole body composition.