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According to Erik Landgren, Managing Director Nordic and Baltic at Intertek, DIC s auditing and system certification expertise and longstanding customer relationships paired with Intertek s comprehensive range of assurance, testing, inspection and certification services provides an excellent platform for a further expanded service offering in the region, he said.
In a bid to reduce debt, DIC, part of Dubai Holding, the personal investment vehicle of the emirate's ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, sold German packaging group Mauser for 1.
I feel grateful to the members of DIC for placing their confidence in me and electing me as president of DIC.
Septic abortion with Clostridium infection and shock associated with severe DIC has a mortality rate of 50%.
In their statement, DIC made no reference to Al Ansari's change of status but said the following:
All sub-committees of the DIC board including investment and audit committees remain in place," the company said in a statement yesterday.
DIC is a separate benefit, which is paid to surviving spouses of veterans who died while on active duty or from a service-connected disability.
AG's Josef Mandelbaum tells TLL that while "[Chairman-CEO] Andy [Heyward] and DIC have done a great job" with Strawberry Shortcake, a clause in the contract prevents assignment of rights without permission.
5 million for Burbank-based DIC, assume $42 million in debt and pay transaction costs.
We feel that DIC wouldn't be having talks with us if they didn't feel that, in the future, there was no point having a discussion.
And Hicks (right) launched a bitter attack on Amanda Staveley, who is working on behalf of DIC in their negotiations with Liverpool.