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Kingmax pointed out that all of its server DIMMs meet JEDEC standards and are compatible with all the major server boards.
The company's DDR4 products are used by designers involved with DDR4 DIMM or SO-DIMM memory system failure analysis and bus functional-parametric validation in PC gaming, servers, super-computing, high-definition television, laptops, desktops and mobile computing applications.
Samsung's 512MB and 1GB FB DIMM samples comply with existing industry (JEDEC) standards.
512 MB DIMM memory upgrade enables the user to take full advantage of the system's performance with 100% compatibility with the recently released Firmware Update 4.
The challenge of managing the energy budget of data centers must be addressed across the entire system design, and Qimonda is making a significant contribution by proving that its DIMMs deliver energy savings.
It will also highlight basic AMB SerDes capabilities by moving data over a DIMM, connector and motherboard at up to 4.
Viking InterWorks' new ECC (x72), DDR2 Registered DIMM, PC2-3200 family consists of four different modules, based on x4 (for mission critical systems) or x8 (for high performance systems) DRAMs.
The FB-DIMM specification calls for all signals -- clock, address, command and data -- to and from the DRAM devices on the module to be buffered at the high-speed Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB) chip located on the DIMM.
Viking InterWork's new ECC (x72), DDR2 Registered DIMM, PC2-3200/PC2-4200 family consists of many different modules, based on x4 (for mission-critical systems) or x8 (for high-performance systems) DRAMs.
The FB-DIMM uses an AMB (Advanced Memory Buffer), replacing registers and phase lock loops (PLLs) used on current DIMMs.