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The challenge of managing the energy budget of data centers must be addressed across the entire system design, and Qimonda is making a significant contribution by proving that its DIMMs deliver energy savings.
The new systems double the number of memory channels to four fully buffered dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs) and feature a unique, scalable advanced memory design -- up to 16 DIMMs via optional memory risers -- for very large memory configurations.
The FB-DIMM uses an AMB (Advanced Memory Buffer), replacing registers and phase lock loops (PLLs) used on current DIMMs.
Integrated onto an FB-DIMM, the IDT AMB devices handle the buffering, collection and distribution of data for each DIMM in a system, thus serving as an essential building block for next-generation, high-speed servers and workstations.
The Sun Fire T1000 supports up to 16GB of Dataram memory when all 8 DIMM slots are populated with 2GB modules.
We are pleased to provide leadership in this major server technology transition, extending our track record of excellent support for the server DIMM market," said Jimmy Lee, senior vice president for the IDT timing solutions group.
E[acute accent]"The availability of these samples allows systems developers such as Intel to evaluate new features and GHz-class performance across all DIMM sockets on the motherboard with the memory controller and the processor," said Jun Kitano, director of Technical Marketing for Elpida Memory (USA).
Smart Modular Technologies has announced its DDR2 fully buffered DIMMs (FB-DIMMs).