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Leica DISTO transfer signifies that users can now take a sequence of measurements and quickly and efficiently arrange them into an Excel document ready for presentation.
The ability to electronically measure distances easily and accurately with the DISTO is revolutionary," said Bob Muscat, Leica's North American DISTO Sales Manager.
Further," Muscat added, "when you look at factors such as cost, payback, ease of use and performance, the combination of DISTO, Newton technology and DISTOPad is a compelling alternative for virtually any professional who depends on accurate measurements.
Combining the precision measurement that the DISTO provides with the robustness and ease of use of the Apple MessagePad(R) creates a powerful solution for field force automation professionals.
Leica's DISTO, the world's first hand-held laser distance meter, was named "Best of What's New" in Science and Technology by Popular Science Magazine in 1994.
By connecting the Pocket PC and the DISTO via a serial cable, distance measurements can be instantaneously captured in PocketCAD.
The DISTO add-in is just one of the newest custom applications designed for PocketCAD PRO 4.
Jeff Felker, Leica Geosystems Regional Sales Manager for Construction and Measuring Products added, " We are delighted to be able to give our customers the additional ability to create CAD drawings directly from their DISTO laser distance meter.
DISTO is the world's first hand-held laser distance meter and offers users the convenience of simple, point-and-shoot operation.
SketchRight allows users to simply "sketch" a room or floor plan -- then SketchRight's intelligent algorithms 'recognize' the sketch plus DISTO data and automatically convert it to a CAD-quality, scaled drawing.
Dimensions captured with DISTO are electronically transferred to the drawing, eliminating many sources of errors.
The integration of SketchRight's ease-of-use with the accuracy and portability of DISTO is a truly revolutionary way to create measured drawings in the field," said Bob Muscat, DISTO manager for Leica Inc.