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2) DMTF Open Cloud Standards Incubator:The Open Cloud Standards Incubator was formed as part of the DMTF Standards Incubation process, which enables like-minded DMTF members to work together and produce informational specifications that can later be fast-tracked through the standards development process.
Red Hat is proud to have worked closely with DMTF in the development of a new industry standard for cloud infrastructure management," said David Lutterkort, Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat and DMTF Board Member.
We look forward to joining the DMTF Board of Directors and contributing to the organization by providing perspective and knowledge on storage management, virtualization, cloud computing and efficiency.
This partnership between DMTF and TM Forum will be a major step in providing resources for service providers to understand enterprise requirements for cloud management," said Mike Baskey, DMTF Chair.
Working with DMTF enables our members to work hand in hand with some of the world's experts in data center management.
DASH delivers standards-based web services management for desktop and mobile client systems by leveraging the DMTF Web Services for Management (WS-MAN) specification.
We are very pleased to have the DMTF specifications for OVF and SM CLP submitted to JTC 1 and receive the necessary support from the national bodies for adoption as ISO/IEC standards," said Karen Higginbottom, Chair of JTC 1.
In addition to serving on the DMTF Board of Directors, Red Hat will also continue its active participation in DMTF's cloud standards activities, including the Cloud Audit Data Federation Work Group (CADF) and the Cloud Management Work Group (CMWG).
DMTF also continues to work closely with alliance partners like The Open Group, Cloud Security Alliance, Object Management Group and the Storage Networking Industry Alliance to ensure alignment within the industry.
DMTF member companies collaborate to create standards to ensure that IT industry investments remain viable for years to come by creating cost-effective solutions.
Vendors can now validate their products for conformance with the DASH standard without being a DMTF member.
Through its work with DMTF, Orange Business Services will participate in the creation of an international standard for a cloud management Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) API.