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That has already prompted some, like CNN media mogul Ted Turner, to extend a verbal offer of monetary support to turn the DMZ into a reserve park and world heritage site, first made in 2005.
As he talks about these and other plans involving Kaesong, Son recognizes the unique, once-unimaginable role he and his fellow servicemembers at the United Nations Command Military Armistice Commission are playing in helping to maintain stability along the DMZ.
Much of the literature written about the Korean DMZ includes a half-truth that refers to it as an ecological paradise that has been untouched for the past half century.
The DMZ also is an important source of water and clean air.
The Tae Song Dong platoon has the daily mission of providing security for the farmers of the community, which includes escort to and from high-risk farming areas near the Demarcation Line and keeping an accurate record of civilian personnel who are inside the DMZ.
We were honored to have met with Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and to take part in building into the legacy of innovative tech founders at the DMZ at Ryerson University," stated Mr.
During a visit to Seoul in 2007, an aid worker told me that most people in South Korea would love to pack their car with food and drive an hour up the road into North Korea to help their Korean brothers and sisters if the governments would agree to open the DMZ and let them cross over to see each other.
The DMZ adds value in global markets, with involvement in multiple programs both in Toronto and abroad.
Utilizing two nodes, one on each side of the firewall, RSAccess receives requests and streams data, rather than the traditional method of storing sensitive data in the DMZ.
Now experts attending the ongoing World Conservation Congress on South Korea s southern Jeju island, say redevelopment of land bordering the DMZ is putting the future of the wildlife haven at risk.
In 1981, in concert with several "Agent Orange" groups and the DAV, we began a campaign to force the VA to recognize the fact that defoliants were used in places other than Vietnam, most extensively, as the Department of the Army willingly admits, in the Korean DMZ area.
The DMZ is the heavily guarded strip of land, about 2.