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221) Skinner alone illustrates the extensive resources necessary to litigate a post-conviction right to test DNA evidence.
And the officer claimed it is "premature" for the defence to argue that the case is crumbling and that the DNA evidence doesn't exist.
I am looking at an old case at the moment where no DNA evidence was taken and that will form part of the question as to whether the person convicted was guilty or not.
The use of DNA evidence is not without its pitfalls or controversies but, this case demonstrates, it is a highly valuable tool in the fight against crime.
But House Bill 3263's requirement that DNA evidence be available satisfactorily addresses these concerns.
Sean Hodgson, 57, from Lanchester, County Durham, was freed by three judges at the London Court of Appeal on Wednesday who ruled fresh DNA evidence had destroyed the conviction against him for the 1979 killing of gas board clerk and part-time barmaid Teresa De Simone.
DNA evidence is being tested at the State Police Crime Laboratory, the captain said.
Jacob Renald Smith, 23, was linked to the crimes years later through DNA evidence and by victims who identified him as their assailant.
A former pizza delivery man may prove to be one of Los Angeles' most prolific serial killers after DNA evidence apparently linked him to the killings of 10 women and an unborn child over 11 years.
His book explores the traditional accounts passed on in England and Ireland and uses the DNA evidence to sort fact from fiction.
The law and rules deal with discovering possibly exculpatory DNA evidence when a criminal defendant pleads guilty or no contest.
Consensus is mounting that DNA evidence is science of such certainty that it has both the power to lock up the guilty and set the innocent free.