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No antiviral effect of Bioaron C[R] was demonstrated against the non-enveloped DNA virus Adeno 5, a member of the adenoviridae family (Fig.
Okamoto H, Nishizawa T, Kato N, Ukita M, Ikeda H, lizuka H, Miyakawa Y, Mayumi M: Molecular cloning and characterization of a novel DNA virus (TTV) associated with posttransfusion hepatitis of unknown origin.
The discoveries of a new genogroup III picobirnavirus and circular DNA virus from human diarrhea samples expands our knowledge of virus diversity in the human gut.
On the other hand, replication of the DNA virus Adeno 5 could be significantly suppressed by the test substances.
MCPyV, like other polyomaviruses, is a small DNA virus.
TTV is a human non-enveloped, single stranded circular DNA virus with icosahedral symmetry, having particle size of 30-50 nm, and belongs to a larger family of circoviruses.
However, we consider this option to be rather unlikely because a particularly conserved region of a highly conserved gene in a DNA virus served as the PCR target.
HHV-8 is a complex DNA virus capable of producing a variety of proteins that may alter the HIV-1 life cycle.
Under the collaboration, SAIC-Frederick researchers at the Core Genotyping Facility are using the Fluidigm Access Array[TM] system to target and amplify the genome of EBV DNA virus taken from human volunteers.
The polyomavirus is a DNA virus that infects renal epithelial cells in kidney transplants, leading to progressive graft fibrosis and failure.