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The SunPCi card will support Microsoft Windows and DOS applications, whether purchased off-the-shelf or developed in-house.
At least back then I could switch all the files I worked with on a single floppy disk because I used text-based DOS applications that took up little.
Since few software developers are currently spending any resources on improving DOS applications, all significant future software improvements will be available only in Windows versions.
Patent entitled "Virtual UART" for its groundbreaking TurboCom(R) ViP(TM) technology that enables DOS applications to work with the hugely popular Winmodem-style "controllerless" modems as well as the new generation of software modems.
Because host-controlled ("controllerless") and software modems don't use a hardware UART, DOS applications can't use them without ViP.
0), is still being used with many DOS applications -- has since moved to the creation of Windows "shells" and is now the only one of the approximately 34 such "shells" in 1992, that is still going strong and enjoys a large and very loyal group of users.
Adopting Windows does not mean users must abandon their existing DOS applications.
0 for Power Macintosh/8MB RAM bundle delivers the most affordable solution for running Windows(R) and DOS applications on the Power Mac(R), and gives Performa users the benefits of added RAM for all their applications.
Worse, a Windows program works only under Windows, and most accountants still do not work with Windows, sticking instead to DOS applications.
The Company's PC virtual machines, SoftWindows and RealPC(TM), enable Windows(R) and DOS applications to run on Macintosh and UNIX desktops.
Those programs are aimed to free up conventional memory from a 640K block of RAM used to run DOS applications.