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DR-DOS has an installed base in the millions and leverages a well- developed feature set, proven developer tools and a large pool of developers familiar with its inner workings.
2000-compliant embedded operating system, DR-DOS, with Citrix Systems,
OEMs that use DR-WebSpyder as the browser and DR-DOS as the operating system expand their available development resources with the extremely large number of experienced engineers and proven development tools and drivers available for DOS.
Citrix ICA, DR-WebSpyder and DR-DOS can reduce time-to-market by
Additions to Caldera's line of embedded solutions, including DR-DOS, DR- WebSpyder and the ICA thin client for DR-DOS, will by managed through this subsidiary.
Just as in its Statement of Fact last week (CI No 3,650), Caldera still maintains that Microsoft used vaporware announcements, fear, uncertainty and doubt, exclusionary licenses, intentionally created incompatibilities and misperception of incompatibilities, blacklists and illegal tying to squash DR-DOS, a competitor to its own MS-DOS which is now owned by Caldera.
On April 28 1999, Caldera published a mammoth Statement of Facts, outlining its claims that Microsoft used fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD), vaporware announcements, exclusionary licenses and technological tying to eliminate DR-DOS as a technical threat to its own MS- DOS.