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Verizon is offering business customers the DSL Gateway as a new networking option with its Business DSL service.
DSL Gateways: Beyond the Router analyzes how, when, and why residential DSL gateways may emerge as the linchpin device that will tie together the disparate elements that now appear in broadband-enabled homes, including PCs, video set-top boxes, next-gen gaming consoles, 802.
The Gigaset SX762 WLAN dsl gateway provides users with IP video, Internet access, telephony, WLAN and LAN networking capabilities, resulting in an all-in-one compact and powerful communications solution for the home.
ISOS also supports DSLHome([TM]), the DSL Forum's initiative to standardize and simplify the provisioning and configuration of DSL gateways.
OMA DM - for WiMAX gateways and handsets as well as 3G handsets SNMP - for cable modems and cable set-top monitoring TR-069 - for DSL gateways, WiMAX gateways, VoIP and IP video Telnet - for legacy CPE, firewalls, network security and devices
GAO's communications industry expertise has been established through its product line that includes software for voice band modems, broadband DSL modems, fax, fax relay, fax over IP, telephony, voice, voice over IP, and voice over DSL gateways.
The primary drivers behind the increased guidance are additional orders for our ProLine and VersaLink DSL gateways needed to address incremental volume requirements for a High Speed Internet marketing promotion by one of our valued customers as well as cost containment," said Westell Chief Executive Officer Bernie Sergesketter.
11g wireless technologies pervasive in mainstream PCs and routers, and that are increasing in DSL gateways.
By 2012, we expect routers to still be comprised of a higher percentage of wireless units than DSL gateways.
Bednarz comes to ASSIA from 2Wire where he was VP of Media Engineering and VP of Software, playing a key role in that company's development of DSL gateways, multimedia set-top boxes, and management systems.
As femtocells are gradually introduced, they will up the ante as well, becoming embedded as a function in any number of customer premises equipment, from DSL gateways to set-top boxes.