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By "shooting with a rife" in seeking a particular piece of information or a particular story, they miss all of the other information that jumps out at them when turning the pages of their daily newspaper.
At the same time, scores of other local daily newspapers either have closed or are minored to be ready to file for bankruptcy or cease publication.
However, reading that daily newspapers are grasping with the ground rules in this endeavor serves as a valuable reminder to trade publications that they need to encourage their "citizen journalists" to stay involved.
They are remembered long after their demise both by those who produced them and those who read them; remembered, no doubt, because there have been very few truly great daily newspapers published in our country that did not survive and prosper.
The purpose of this study is to show how pervasive the daily newspaper monopoly pricing really is.
WASHINGTON, March 19 /PRNewswire/ -- In cities where they have no competition, daily newspapers are able to -- and routinely do -- exert monopolistic pricing power over ad rates, a study released today demonstrates.
Entries will be judged based on the size of the daily newspapers where they originally appear (see circulation sizes above for Giant, Large, Medium, Small).
Lee continues to operate four daily newspapers in the Pacific Northwest.
In addition to its joint interest in Madison Newspapers, Lee owns 52 daily newspapers with rapidly growing online sites and more than 300 weekly and specialty publications in 23 states.
The Group has won four Pulitzer Prizes and its 14 daily newspapers have an average total weekday circulation of more than 600,000 copies.
Net proceeds will be used to reduce debt as Lee continues to focus on its core daily newspaper and online operations.
The daily newspapers included in the sale are The Herald News located in Fall River, Massachusetts and the Taunton Daily Gazette located in Taunton, Massachusetts.