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In the 1960s these communities suffered by the building of the Mangla Dam reservoir.
We won't know until the end of April, or early May, if enough rain fell to fill the dam reservoirs, and whether it will be enough to last until the end of the year," he said.
Capacity of dam reservoir is decreasing because of sediments accumulation.
Specialist water rescue crews raced to the scene at Oude Dam Reservoir near Oban, Argyll, and managed to stop the van sinking further.
Thirty-one people are thought to have died after the bus they were traveling in was buried in a landslide near the Three Gorges Dam reservoir in central China, state media reported Friday.
Army Corps of Engineers remove all the concrete and other debris it dumped in Hansen Dam reservoir rather than carrying out its plan for a partial clean-up.
A maintenance crew found the skeletonized remains scattered over an area of 100 square meters on a slope in the Tenri Dam reservoir, police said.
If constructed, the Ilisu dam reservoir would flood over 300 sq.
The dam reservoir will flood 350 miles, displacing as many as 1.
Up to 27 people died when a boat carrying merrymakers during a Hindu festival overturned in a sudden storm on the Tillaya Dam reservoir in Bihar state, India.
Nasdaq: IDMC, IDMCW) and its joint venture partner, Sudhakar Engineering, have been selected by the general contractor to provide drilling and grouting services on California's East Dam Reservoir project, located outside of Los Angeles.
In April, the Saylorville Dam reservoir began to fill from the winter snows and spring rains.