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SUITE. Those persons, who by his authority, follow or attend an ambassador or other public minister.
     2. In general the suite of a minister are protected from arrest, and the inviolability of his person is communicated to those who form his suite. Vattel, lib. 4, c. 9, Sec. 120. See 1 Dall. 177; Baldw. 240; and Ambassador.

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The Dance Suite volume is possibly the best among them.
The editorial approach adopted for the revised Dance Suite is representative of that found in most of the new Bartok editions.
The music, Dance Suite for Solo Cello, was composed by David Israel, who also shared the season's conducting duties.
Here we have his Ruralia Hungarica inspired by his friend Bartok's Dance Suite, although his language is postBrahmsian and it's based on genuine local folk tunes.
This disc includes a dance suite, a mesmerising solo accordion piece, a smooth rendition of Nat Adderley's The Little Boy With The Sad Eyes and a witty take on the Shirley Bassey hit Goldfinger.
Pucci's dance suite (to selections by Rachmaninoff, Palmgren, Bach, Schumann and Moskowski) includes a colorful rainbow of the once faddish plaything in a happy variety of inventive configurations.
In addition to helping establish the keyboard dance suite in French style, Johann Jacob Froberger (1616-1667) was influential in spreading the Italian idiom he had learned from Girolamo Frescobaldi throughout Europe.
Lurking in the second movement's sweet waltz-like references to the "hijaz makam" in Ottoman palace music, is also a sly tip of the hat to Grieg's and Khachaturian's dance suites, similarly tinged with just enough melancholy to save them from being treacle.
aEach of the dance suites that you will see is from a different part of Bulgaria so the costumes, the music, the dance steps and figures as well as the character and mood of the dances is quite diverse,a Springer said.
Add to all this the Landsker Sports Club's fitness and dance suites and activities like badminton and table tennis and other on-site activities including archery, laser clay shooting, and nature trail and cycle track and you'll be spoilt for choice of how to fill your days here.
The show is composed of short dance suites, tied together by the character of Potter herself.
Campbell-Moore's Hinterland is set to the sensuous tones of Welsh composer Alun Hoddinott's Welsh Dance suites and moves from humour to uncomfortable anxiety.