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De otro lado, se apoya en los enfoques cognitivos de la traduccion (Lorscher, 1991 y Dancette, 1997), los cuales permiten explorar las estrategias linguisticas de verbalizaciones multiples del problema (Lorscher, 1991) y las estrategias de comprension (Dancette, 1997).
Whatever happened to roll-neck sweaters, tie-dye T-shirts; Fidelity, Dancette and Murphy record players and TV sets by Cossor and Stella; Hirondelle wine and Cydrax cider and drinks like Dicky Sam, Mackeson, Jubilee, Summit and Stingo?
Studies conducted by Dancette (1992), House (1986) Krings (1986), Lorscher (1986, 1991, 1997), Thelen (1992) and Tirkkonnen-Condit (1992) show that successful comprehension is a necessary prerequisite for adequate translation and point out that interpreting the meaning of the SL text is not a problem-free process even for professional translators.