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n. slang for District Attorney. (See: District Attorney)

District Attorney (D.A.)

n. an elected official of a county or a designated district with the responsibility for prosecuting crimes. The duties include managing the prosecutor's office, investigating alleged crimes in cooperation with law enforcement, and filing criminal charges or bringing evidence before the Grand Jury that may lead to an indictment for a crime. In some states a District Attorney is officially entitled County Attorney or State's Attorney. United States Attorneys are also called Federal District Attorneys and are prosecutors for districts (there are several in larger states) within the Department of Justice, are appointed by the President and serve at his/her pleasure.


abbreviation for DISTRICT ATTORNEY.
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Michel Bastos and Benzia both went close early on, with the latter's effort parried away by Daniel Amos.
Pictured (back row, from left) Sonny Kenyon, Jacob Clegg, Connor Sargeant, Michael Routledge, Emerson Kenny, Adam Fairclough & Jake Finnegan; (front row, from left) Alfie Archer, Luke Phillips, Bed Bedford, James Walton, Ethan Brown, Alex Genchev & Daniel Amos.
There is a tendency, I think, in corporate America and in our personal lives to say, 'This will go away, let's not deal with it,'" said Daniel Amos, chief executive of the Columbus, Georgia-based company.
Daniel Amos, aged 21, of Pinetree Garden and Pruning Services, said: "It all went very well.