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The Infobionics Cellular Database Management System places information in individual Data Cells, which can be flexibly compiled via Link Cells into an infinite number of DataSets (4).
6 6 5 Compound name 7 7 5 Chemical formula 8 8 1 Empirical Formula 9 9 10 Literature references 10 A 1 Pearson symbol, structure type 11 B 20 Comments 12 C 1 Transformation matrix: initial to Crystal Data cell 13 D 1 Reduced cell 14 E 1 Crystal Data cell 15 F 1 Information on data collection (e.
CCI) (BULLETIN BOARD: CCOP) announced today the Company has signed a definitive agreement with a reseller to provide T-Mobile voice and data cell phone services.
CCI) (BULLETIN BOARD: CCOP) announced today the Company has signed a definitive agreement with T-Mobile for voice and data cell phone services.
Provides the most accurate and timely XBRL data in the marketplace with the lowest error rate -- Also streamlines user effort - a single click links any data cell directly back to the EDGAR source filing to give validity and the XBRL accounting definition of the line item.
NEW YORK, July 23 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 20, Jim Ammons, Chief Executive Officer of Data Cell Technologies, Inc.
Subscribers have the ability to double click on an InterQuote data cell and the order-entry screen will launch.
The test network will assess the benefits and capabilities of this high-speed virtual data cell switching technology for transferring remotely sensed and simulated environmental data among three Naval research centers.
Population data were obtained from the United Nations [9] and from Statistics South Africa, [1] although these sources did not provide figures for all cross-categories of gender, age, ethnic group and province in each calendar year- We were able to extract 1 201 data cells within the study period and a further 122 from the preceding or succeeding years.