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Two data elements - customer names and locations and product description - had identical levels of computerization in 1982 and 1987.
One of the efforts supported by JOPES LDM was the development of the "starter set" of DoD data elements (published in December 1993) to "jump start" the DoD data standardization program.
Organizations that need to be involved in generating data element standards include:
What a UID is and What It Isn't A UID Is A UID Is Not * A Data Element * A Medium for Communicating * A Unique Identifier for an Data, such as Radio Frequency Item Identification (RFID) Tags, Contact * Globally Unique Memory Buttons, Linear Bar * Unambiguous Codes, or 2-D Data Matrices * Permanent * A Replacement for the National * Created by Concatenating Stock Number Specific Data Element * Intelligent Data that Yields Information About the Item FIGURE 2.
In NIBRS, the hate crime data element applies to all 46 Group "A" Offenses, which include the previously mentioned 11 offense categories.
Using the system requires collecting a wide variety of clinical data elements from among 260 Key Clinical Findings.
ProVentive's proprietary methodology finds and prioritizes hidden risks within your population by their level of cost and quality impact, using any structured data element available in your organization.
Accuracy & Control of Alerts - Users can fine tune alert events according to specific data elements and tolerances based on milestone schedules and adjusted for operating days.
First, there is a small but real cost in accuracy associated with each additional required data element.
However, the hash values for each data element need to be calculated individually in its dynamic grouping method with variable group sizes.
paragraph] IIS contain one record per child and a field for each data element pertaining to a patient's and mother's demographic information.
The scope of the original draft guidance document included the identification of the data element as the basic unit of information in the electronic case report form; the description of a source of each data element; information about the electronic creation, modification, transmission, and storage of source data and documents; investigator responsibilities with respect to reviewing and archiving electronic data; transmission of data to the sponsor and/or other designated parties; and preservation of data integrity.

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