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Silent data corruption is often overlooked, but it can have great and adverse impact on the services such as databases that require absolute data integrity.
The Data Integrity Extensions, developed in collaboration with Emulex, augment the T10 standard by allowing protection information to be transferred to and from host memory, enabling comprehensive data integrity protection.
Kinamik Data Integrity[TM], an IT security startup company focused on realtime data integrity technologies and innovative data assurance solutions, announced it has joined the Data Security Alliance (DSA) lead by Application Security, Inc.
8Gb Fibre Channel (8GFC) and 16GFC Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) with its BlockGuard (TM) data integrity offload technology for enhanced data protection.
Spectra Logic's enterprise capabilities and tape technology innovations, including Data Integrity Verification, are excellent examples of this, helping to elevate storage best practices and to make tape solutions increasingly relevant as long-term storage demands grow.
This results in a solution that delivers enterprise-class scalability and data integrity.
Howard, a principal of Oliver Wight Americas and lead instructor of the Master Data Integrity course.
Kinamik is proud to be working with Japan Venture Partners to unlock the potential of the Asia Pacific region for our data integrity products," said Mark Searle, CEO Kinamik Data Integrity.
With this expansion, we are positioned to better serve the needs of our growing customer base, and help carriers reap the benefits of improved data integrity and the resulting operational efficiencies.
BARCELONA, Spain -- Kinamik Data Integrity[TM] , a venture-backed startup company that specializes in providing realtime data integrity technologies and innovative data protection solutions, announced today that Paul Gariboldi and Gary Lefkowitz have been appointed as Vice President of Sales and Business Development and Vice President of Marketing, respectively.
Data integrity may not be fully maintained, as you will most likely lose all information added or modified since the last backup was performed.
ATLANTA -- ATLANTA, June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- CoManage Corporation, the first supplier of Network-Driven(TM) Data Integrity solutions for telecom carriers, today launched a new version of its award-winning data integrity product, TrueSource, which dramatically reduces data inaccuracies that drive up costs and reduce operational efficiency for telecom carriers.

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