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Have a deck-chair day dream about you and Sinbad giving folks a few laughs as you lead the charge of NPN'ers over the rock climbing wall, that towers 200 feet above the sea.
That's because Bursaw is president of Day Dream Publishing, which prints millions of calendars every year: still images of everything and everybody including swimsuit models, sports stars, Hollywood movies and works of art.
This Valentine's Day, don't wait for Cupid; start planning your Valentine's Day dream date with Helzberg Diamonds' first ever Crazy Pin Love Giveaway.
FOUR times a day, workers take unofficial time off to indulge in a day dream.
June, once a day and sometimes more, you knock upon my day dream door and I say warmly come right in, I'm glad you're here with me again, then we sit down and have a chat, recalling this discussing that, until some task that I must do forces me away from you, reluctantly I say goodbye, smiling with a little sigh, for though my day dreams bring you near, I wish that you were really here, but dreams and wishes can arrange and through my wishing you'll be brought, to me each day, a guest in thought.
khalas Samahat" (That's It I Forgive You) makes listeners day dream with Nawal and feel the lyrics of the songs.
Something new -- Day Dream Wedding -- this wedding season, courtesy of Oberon Games.
30pm) Steve and Be wedding day dream - unt the Rovers a nasty surpris Slug and DC moves her th but gives Ma relationship h
How Many Words," a fan favorite off of Lewis' debut album Audio Day Dream, was co-written by Lewis, Sam Hollander and Dave Katz and produced by S*A*M & Sluggo (Gym Class Heroes, Boys Against Girls).
A BRIDE'S wedding day dream came true yesterday - when she was taken to her wedding in a tank.
Dithering, lost and in a day dream, he regularly yells: "I am not doddery, doddery I am not.