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Because of the inevitability thesis, however--and because dazzlement at superior strength happens to be voiced by characters who never resisted or are unconsciously in love with their conquerer--the really meaningful question of why it would be desirable to get from the first category to one of the others is never addressed.
Verite) in music, the analogy of the marvelous (le merveilleux), and the experience of dazzlement (eblouissement) by an excess of truth (exces de Verite), which leads to that "breakthrough toward the beyond.
Contemporary media dazzles in extraordinary ways, but the dazzlement happens to the child.
By way of the wound, into the dazzlement of Light: these four poets write of a dual, integrated fate; they reward us with intimations of that "Wholly Other" for whom our nothingness is a numinous abode (Otto, 25, 30).
Earnest' is less story than pure dazzlement and wit.
The 50th Anniversary of Taylor's own company joyously offers a body of work here-including a small, precious dazzlement of masterpieces--to be maintained.