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The audit process would detect and remove the dead links.
net, reported: "The problem with the toolbar is that it caused a lot of dead links.
Reliable in Performance: With extremely low bit error rates (BER) of 10-15, EMCORE Connects Cables mean less dropped packets, dead links and longer up times on clusters.
BullsEye 2 then consolidates information from multiple, relevant sources and automatically filters out dead links and duplicates and adds meaningful summaries and rankings.
In addition, dead links and duplicate pages are removed to ensure that Excite users always receive fresh and up-to-date search results.
Euroseek's adoption of the ODP will assure that its users will be receiving the most up-to-date and relevant search results by employing the industry's first freshness dating system delivering less than one-percent dead links.
The database is extended on a daily basis with around 200,000 links and is regularly sifted through to weed out any dead links.