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Treatment of an acute burn injury requires the removal of dead tissue to enable healing.
They remove the dead tissue and bacteria, leaving the healthy tissue to heal.
Remember - hair is dead tissue whose composition such as colour is affected by genetics and its condition by shampoos, dyes and pollution.
ATHE breed is prone to eye ulcers and your vet will probably clean off dead tissue.
In rats, scientists found the livers were enlarged, with areas of dead tissue.
The next step, already under study at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas and elsewhere, would be to take muscle cells from elsewhere in your body, genetically alter them into myocytes, and place them in the heart to replace dead tissue.
If a decubitus ulcer forms, it will require debridement of the dead tissue.
When the area heals, the dead tissue and the ulcer fall off, leaving new, healthy tissue behind.
EuroMed's hydrocolloid dressings create a moist wound environment, facilitate the removal of dead tissue, and provide a barrier to external contamination and bacteria.
For years, doctors have treated flesh-eating disease with an aggressive use of antibiotics, combined with cutting away dead tissue.
Surgical removal of the dead tissue shortens the bowel and can lead to intestinal failure, with some babies eventually needing ongoing parenteral nutrition (feeding via an intravenous line) or an intestinal transplant.
FISH FOOD J Pedicures involve tiddlers eating dead tissue WATERY GRAVE 3 Andrew carries out tests for his degradable coffins