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PC Andrew Deadman, 43, was following a Vauxhall Cavalier on the wrong side of the A47 at Terrington St John, near King's Lynn, Norfolk, when he was involved in a 100mph crash which led to a pregnant 16-year-old girl losing her unborn baby.
Deadman Creek, the ninth preserve established by Wildlands since January 2006, was created to preserve and protect habitat of the endangered San Joaquin Kit Fox.
As one of the premier community banks in North Texas, we feel it is appropriate to offer this invaluable lending program at this juncture in the economic cycle," Deadman stated.
On the advice of his assistant, Deadman ruled that Leroy Lita had handled the ball - bringing the withering response from Strachan: "Wheater, Lita, there is a difference between them.
Cambridgeshire-based Deadman, in his first season on the Football League list, had previously booked 73 players and issued six red cards in 18 games and he maintained his average with five cautions - two of them for Racecourse defender Danny Williams, who was sent off in added time and now misses tomorrow's derby at Shrewsbury Town.
NexBank Securities has extensive experience in institutional fund raising for alternative investments including hedge funds and real estate syndications," Deadman noted.
They include cricket in Cleckheaton by Bruce Deadman, cricket in Oldham by Dave Cooper, cricket broadcasting by Peter Hutton and cricket and video by Brian Heywood.
One instance of deliberate handball, for which referee Darren Deadman charitably declined to brandish a card, did not endear him to the natives, either.
Referee Darren Deadman had already turned down what looked a blatant penalty for Matthew Kilgallon's handball, but had no choice when Nick Montgomery tripped Matt Fryatt.
Leading Firefighter Dave Deadman said the man escaped unscathed from the incident which occurred at around 1am at the junction of Stonehouse Lane and Barnes Hill near Woodgate Valley Fire Station.
The Grimsby boss made an official complaint about the incident to match referee Darren Deadman, who will include details in his report, and Wrexham secretary Geraint Parry confirmed that the police had made three arrests.
Superstars The Return of the Deadman Tour in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia, at the end of August broke box office records while grossing more than $3.