Deaf and dumb

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DEAF AND DUMB. No definition is requisite, as the words are sufficiently known. A person deaf and dumb is doli capax but with such persons who have not been educated, and who cannot communicate, their ideas in writing, a difficulty sometimes arises on the trial.
     2. A case occurred of a woman, deaf and dumb, who was charged with a crime. She was brought to the bar, and the indictment was then read to her, and the question, in the usual form, was put, guilty or not guilty ? The counsel for the prisoner then rose, and stated that he could not allow his client to plead to the indictment, until it was explained to her that she was at liberty to plead guilty or not guilty. This attempted to be done, but was found impossible, and she was discharged from the bar "simpliciter."
     3. A person, deaf and dumb, may be examined as a witness, provided he can be sworn, that is, if he is capable of understanding the terms of the oath, and assents to it and if, after he is sworn, he can convey his ideas, with or without an interpreter, to the court and jury. Phil., Ev. 14.

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He said that the government school for deaf and dumb children Timergara was established in 1986-87 but had not been up-graded so far.
His book Tales of the Deaf and Dumb, with Miscellaneous Poems (1835) contained fiction, poetry, and non-fictional accounts of deafness.
They've been pretending to be deaf and dumb, approaching elderly people and asking for a donation.
Knowlson traces the idea of gesture as a "universal language" in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, as evidenced in John Bulwer's Chirologia: or the Natural Language of the Hand and Chironomia: or the Art of Manual Rhetoric (both 1644), and shows how this idea was informed by studies of the deaf and dumb.
By 1858, Blanchet's Moyens de generaliser l'education des sourds-muets dans les ecoles primaires (Ways of spreading the education of the deaf and dumb in primary schools) was already in its fifth edition.
Duncan Campbell: A Gentleman Who Tho' Deaf and Dumb, Writes Down Any Stranger's Name at First Sight; With Their Future Contingencie of Fortune.
A total of 21 Taiwan brands will open exhibit on the first floor of the Taipei Arena in the Taipei International Deaf Fair, showing together with more than 100 art collections by deaf and dumb creators, and the history of Taiwan's deaf and dumb associations.
Tenders are invited for Providing and fixing of R O system and Water cooler etc in connection MOEI and Fans RMO pump set and compound light at deaf and dumb school during 2015 16
Various NGOs including private sector organizations were already running schools for the handicapped persons including deaf and dumb, mentally retarded and blind children in Mirpur and some other parts of AJK on self-help basis.
It merits a mention here that Anjuman Naujawanan Charsadda established the said centre for deaf and dumb children in 1999.
Srinagar, June 7 ( ANI ): The eighth National Deaf and Dumb Chess Championship, organized by the sports authorities of Jammu and Kashmir to provide the specially abled players a platform to boost their morales, began here on Tuesday.
A police spokesman said they were called at 10am yesterday to reports that women pretending to be deaf and dumb were approaching people for cash in the Cross Church Street and Kirkgate areas of the town.