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265(a)(2) when an affiliated group member borrows from an unrelated party and directly contributes the funds to the capital of a dealer subsidiary for use in its general operations, rather than loaning the dealer the funds.
The law limited the number of times ATF could conduct a compliance audit on a gun dealer to once a year.
Adayana offers a unique combination of agricultural, educational and technical knowledge that was needed to connect the in-field video with a lot of stand-alone pieces so a dealer can quickly access product-specific information in a reasonable, logical format," Smith explains.
Partner with dealer to hold "mall" concerts, especially during the holiday season.
Smart dealers are embracing the Internet, either by hosting their own Web sites or by cooperating with online brokers who act as intermediaries between buyer and dealer.
But the commitment now is to look for minority dealer locations that are rated as better than average.
the huge imported car dealer chain that has been GM's main distributor in Japan for most of this century.
Saturn ranks highest in dealer satisfaction and epitomizes the franchise best positioned to meet dealer requirements for more streamlined and profitable operations.
In addition, they would curtail access to capital markets for small municipal issuers that rely on local dealer banks to underwriter their debe securities.
lanelogic is the first company of its kind, offering instant bids for used vehicles while also helping the dealer acquire vehicles he needs the most.
Under the first, the dealer has the lessee complete a credit application, and faxes it to the taxpayer.
LF also developed consumer and dealer directed ads based on the "It's Good to be Back" theme, created a dealer-recruitment / training binder for territory managers, compiled a comprehensive prospective dealer kit, designed displays and materials for McCormick's February appearance at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky.