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The DEAMS Program Management Office at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and our functional management office here at Scott Air Force Base spent the first year defining the requirements--no easy task
When fully fielded, DEAMS will transform financial management and set a new standard for effective and efficient stewardship of our nation's defense resources.
The January 2012 DEAMS Business Case reflects the financial benefits of the system.
DEAMS first deployed to Scott AFB, IL, as a two-phased technology demonstration, deploying commitment accounting in 2007 and then deploying full DEAMS capability in May 2010.
DEAMS Increment 2, still in the requirements identification and acquisition development phases, will deliver financial management capabilities throughout the Air Force.
The last crucial step in DEAMS development, prior to entering the design phase, has been the Conference Room Pilot (CRP) that began in mid-October.
The CRP was not designed to exercise any of the 52 DEAMS interfaces with external legacy applications, but it did simulate some of them using staged data.
DEAMS will support and replace an array of existing financial processes to include general ledger, customer order, and customer billing and collection; purchase request/commitment, obligation, receipt, and acceptance; accounts payable; and cost management and decision support (Figure 1).
DEAMS will further distribute targets to a level appropriate for management and control, track/control actual activity against targets, and export to data warehouses for use in reporting and budget execution analysis.
The various aspects of the DEAMS program were discussed by members of the senior leader panel.
DEAMS will replace outdated, unreliable legacy processes and systems with proven COTS software, which provides end-to-end tracking of financial transactions and produces fully auditable financial reports.
When complete, our DEAMS project will substantially improve warfighting capabilities and financial support to our warfighters.