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Nestled 2,800m above sea level, Debre Berhan is some 130km north of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital, and is currently home to a large-scale Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia (HFHE) housing project consisting of 700 homes, of which 500 have already been built.
Without proof of his claims or the source of information, Debre said the 32-year-old maid was not the only one the IMF chief had assaulted at the hotel.
For her part, Head of the Molecular GeneticsDepartment at Robert Debre Hospital Severine Drunat stressed the hospital readiness to provide necessary support to launch this important project in coordination with Children Hospital to train cadres working at the bone marrow transplant unit in the hospital.
They include Jean de Gaulle, grandson of former president Charles de Gaulle, as well as Marc Blondel, a former head of the Force Ouvriere labour union, and Francois Debre, brother of the head of France's constitutional court.
Writers ranging from Constantin Melnik, the former special adviser on security to French premier Michel Debre, to Daniel Ellsberg, a hawkish RAND analyst who later turned against the war in Vietnam, described this as akin to judo, whereby the extraordinary power of the modern state is turned against itself.
Frederic Limosin of the University of Reims, Robert Debre Hospital, in Reims, France and colleagues set out to more precisely determine the prevalence of cancer in patients with schizophrenia.
The myopathology of Kocher Debre Semelaigne syndrome: Electromyography, Light- and Electron-Microscopic study.
And even as Debre attempted to convey the degradation of the body, his canvases also hint at something like a eulogy.
Packaging of Nasal and Pulmonary Forms for Asthma Treament, chaired by Dr Olivier Bourdon (Pharmacien, Hopital Robert Debre, France) and Mr Christophe Przybylski (Director of the Innovation Department, Laboratoire Pierre Fabre, France).
That is, the veil "speaks" publicly against the Debre report where, presumably, the young women's words fail to be heard.
Address correspondence to this author at: Biochimie-Hormonologie, Hopital Robert Debre, AP-HP, 48 boulevard Serurier, 75019 Paris, France.
Jean-Louis Debre, mayor of Evreux and speaker of the French parliament, said the rioters had "strewn desolation".