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DECAPITATION, punishment. The punishment of putting a person to death by taking off his head.

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Here, she focused on the decadelong decapitation campaign against Al-Qaeda following its Sept.
Des la decapitation de l'otage francais, l'armee avait lance 3.
He said he shares the concern of others about gory props depicting decapitations being inappropriate, particularly this Halloween.
However, what sets this video apart is that in the three previous decapitation videos of James Foley, Steven Sotloff and David Haines, the actual beheading was not shown.
Unlike in integrated groups like Hamas, there does not appear to be a coherent institutional command that can quickly recover from decapitation or create and implement strategy throughout the organization.
Decapitation pictures create a horror that goes even beyond the spectacle created by a public execution and take us into the realm of the global execution.
And inspired by al-Qaeda's use of decapitation, he had also planned to behead former Norwegian PM Gro Harlem Brundtland.
Women's Affairs Director Khawar Amiri confirmed the woman's decapitation, but had no further details.
18 Year Old Brother Decapitates Sister Because He Doesn't Like Her Fiance Brother shows distaste in sister's choice in men: Sibling Decapitation.
If anyone in the area is missing a small grey and white kitten about four weeks' old, this was it's fate - decapitation by some wild creature, savage dog or an extremely evil person.
The attack culminated with the decapitation of the victim," Canary Islands police said in a statement.
2004: A video showing the decapitation of an American man captured in Iraq was posted on the internet.