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She could not answer it, so she parried it by saying, "Well, if you are not a deceiver, at least you are very romantic"; and Captain William let this observation pass without challenge.
Dear young lady," he said, bowing low, "I come to you very humbly, for I am afraid that I am a deceiver.
I am an adulterer, a murderer, a blasphemer, and a deceiver.
Go, deceiver, go, some day, Sir, p'r'aps you'll waken, from pleasure's dream to know, the grief of orphans forsaken.
Many among them however have already seen the light, thanks to these courageous voices who have been vigilant in exposing the liars and deceivers for what they truly are.
In the first book Helen was presented at Court, and found out that she was a descendent of Reclaimers, who are charged with defending Britain against the evil Deceivers.
As a result, many deceivers may prefer to palter than lie by commission, the authors write.
Reading the Koran, a believing Muslim will learn that the Jews are crafty, scheming deceivers, inveterate rebels against the authority of Allah and, above all, the fiercest enemies of the Muslims (Koran 5:82).
I also found some beautiful Amethyst Deceivers and a stunning Destroying Angel.
Give not an ear to deceivers who use false praise to comfort you.
For example, see "When it comes to Google advertising, it is pro-abortion sources who are the real deceivers," http://nrlc.
In our country there are multiple types of deceivers, especiallly pertaining to money.