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By 1990, Vineland was excessively rosy for some tastes because it mitigates its criticisms of the counterculture's political dissolution with a historicized justification of New Left's individualism and decentralism.
On the other hand, decentralism has meant strengthening sectarian territorial control over national authority, such as in predominantly Shia Southern Lebanon and Southern Suburbs of Beirut where Hezbollah established a nascent sectarian state.
Thus, decentralism accords with social capital and centralism sees its destruction.
Sheldon and Thornthwaite analyse the dissolution of the arbitral model in the context of the shift to managed decentralism under the Hawke and Keating governments, and the acceleration of this trend under the Howard government.
Finally, relative to models inspired by extreme centralism or decentralism, and their clarion call for disentanglement, the codecision model better accounts for the large degree of interdependence between the central and subnational governments in modern government service delivery.
the capacity of the Party to retain political centralism while allowing economic decentralism, Other challenges that Beijing is facing include: the growing economic dichotomy between the coastal provinces and the rural ones and its implications for internal cohesion; the feasibility of the two-system model devised around Hong Kong; the future of Taiwan; and the future of the Party.
It might then be clearer, for example, how (or whether) "anarchist utopianism," with its emphases on "non-coercion, non-authoritarianism, and decentralism," (12) differed from regular old pure-and-simple anarchism.
It may take political forms with struggles over nationalism versus globalism, centralization versus localism and decentralism.
Under decentralism, the units at local and intermediate levels govern their own affairs; under centralism, they are instruments of central government.
Goodman has important, useful, much-needed ideas as well about adolescence, community autonomy, city planning, credentialism, the formats of media, decentralism, playwriting, being "queer," the functioning ego, religion, American letters, science, sex and literature.
A fresh Tory agenda will address the traditional centre-right terrain - less taxation, reducing the burden on business, decentralism and more individual responsibility.
He predicated any viable partnership with Muslim compatriots on the ability of unifying Christian ranks professing administrative decentralism as an alternative to political sectarianism.