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A joining together of states or nations in a league or association; the league itself. An unincorporated association of persons for a common purpose.


noun affiliation, alliance, amalgamation, association, centralization, coalition, combination, combine, concert, confederacy, confederation, cooperation, federal union, integration, league, merger, organized body, pool, syndicate, unification, union
Associated concepts: labor federation, unincorporated association
See also: alliance, association, body, cartel, chamber, coaction, coalescence, coalition, committee, compact, company, confederacy, consolidation, contact, contribution, cooperative, corporation, enterprise, integration, league, merger, organization, partnership, pool, society, sodality, syndicate, union
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Ireton also forms part oflan Gentle's discussion of the various "Agreements of the People," in which he illustrates how this key Leveller text changed between 1647-49, moving from calls for enfranchisement and political realism to a "quixotic vision of a radically libertarian England, a decentralized federation of the localities" (174).
Apart from the criminal law, Canada is already de facto the world's most decentralized federation.
Decentralized federations can merge into a democratic Middle East Federation: "Geographic and cultural similarities throughout the region, and shared economic needs and water resources, might form the basis for a democratic federation of the entire region" (p.

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